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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom picture framing Canberra

Do you do Passport Photos?

No. We don't do any printing or photography.


How long does custom framing take?

For full custom framing, including canvas stretching, our current turnaround time is 6-ish weeks. Alternatively, we have a range of ready-made frames that could accommodate your needs.

Can you frame canvas prints and paintings?

Yes. The most common way to frame a canvas print or painting is to 'stretch' it onto a wooden frame. This option will give you a sturdy finished piece, ready to hang on your wall.

There are several framing options for stretched canvases including float frames and traditional framing options with or without glass.

How much does it cost to frame something?

There is no one answer to this question because there is no one way to frame something. Every frame design is unique to the client, artwork or requirements of the piece. This means that each frame made at 45 90 is custom-built according to your requirements and therefore, unique in price. 

If you would like an estimate on framing you can email us, with as much information as possible, and we will get back to you ASAP. Below are some details to help us give you an accurate quote:


  • What are the measurements? Please, let us know if your measurements are in cm, mm, or inches.

  • What are you getting framed? e.g. canvas painting/print, embroidery, photo/print on paper etc.

  • Do you want borders or would you like the frame to go to the edge of the artwork?

  • What type of frame do you have in mind? e.g. small, tall, large, timber, black, gold etc.

Can you print the photos for my frame?

No, sorry. We don't do any printing but we highly recommend our friends at Lucent Imaging if you're after high-quality photo or art printing or digital restoration and image adjustment. Check them out at the link below.

Can you restore/clean my painting/picture or repair a canvas?

In short, no. This type of work is extremely specific and best left to a qualified professional. We do however recommend the very experienced and highly qualified team at Art & Archival. You can read all about the amazing work they do at the link below.

Do you frame football jerseys?

Yes. We have a large range of different coloured mat boards to suit just about every team and we can add custom debossed logos with our state of the art computerised mat cutter. You can add photos or plaques to the frame too. If you need help working out the sizes of your photos or plaques, we can advise you as to what would best suit the frame.  


Can you frame tapestries and cross stitches?

Yes. We have had a lot of experience framing all manner of embroideries in all manner of styles.

We have a large range of framing options to suit most budgets and tastes.


Why is custom framing so expensive?

Most of the cost of custom framing comes from the time it takes to make the frame. All frames are custom-built to your specifications. All of the materials are ordered as needed then cut, joined and assemble on-site. The lady that helps you at the counter is the same one that builds your frame. A lot of time, care and effort goes into the quality of each frame that is built.

Why do you only sell your artwork framed?

The price that you see in the gallery is the amount I have paid for the artwork plus the custom framing price. This way you get the framed print for roughly the same price whether you buy it directly from our gallery or if you purchase the artwork from the artist yourself and have it custom framed the same way. 

I always try to buy artwork directly from the artist or from trusted art galleries. I never buy from second-hand sellers, this way we know that the artist is receiving their fair share of the profits for their creations. 


Do I have to pay for my framing upfront?

No. When you drop something in for framing we ask that a 50% deposit be left and the remainder is paid upon collection of the completed piece.

Am I able to get a quote?

Yes. Because we custom build every frame to your specifications we recommend that you come in with the artwork so we can work out what will suit your piece best and give you an accurate price. There is no obligation to leave the work for framing. If you are just after a rough quote, you can send us an email with the following details, if you have them, and we'll get back to you ASAP :


  • What are the measurements? Be sure to let us know if your measurements are in cm, mm, or inches.

  • What are you getting framed? eg. canvas painting/print, embroidery, photo/print on paper etc

  • Do you want borders or do you want the frame to go to the edge of the artwork?

  • What type of frame do you have in mind? eg. small, tall, large, timber, black, gold etc

Can you fix broken frames or replace the broken glass?

Yes. And we don't care where the frame comes from. If you have a frame with broken glass, we can replace it for you.  If your frame has broken, It can be very difficult to tell how much work is involved or whether it is even possible to fix it over an email or phone conversation. It is best to bring the frame in for us to inspect. We will then advise you as to whether it is fixable or if it should be replaced.


Do you do Lay-by?

Yes. Our usual lay-by period is 3 months with a non-refundable 30% deposit. 


What payment forms do you accept?

We accept cash, EFTPOS, Mastercard, Visa, Debit card, Direct transfers, Apple pay and AMEX.


Can you cut mats for me?

Yes. We have a state-of-the-art computerised mat cutter and we can cut mats up to 40 x 60" (outside dimensions).


What's with your phone number?

It's a VOIP number. Apparently, it doesn't have to start with standard (02) 6. Also, we do have a lot of issues with this phone so you may want to send me an email if you can't get through. Cheers


Is there something we missed? Feel free to contact us either via email or phone:

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